I’m a Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), and a PhD fellow at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Political Science and the Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS). I also have a monthly international affairs column in the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen, and co-edit the Scandinavian IR journal Internasjonal Politikk.

I do research on and have published on Norwegian, Russian and US foreign- and security policy, as well as more theoretical work on concepts, sovereignty, liberal ideology and global order. I am particularly interested in social and political theory connected to global order, sovereignty and ideology, as well as political realism, radical conservatism and liberalism in international affairs.

My phd project deals with theorising international ideology and counter-ideology, with a specific attention to liberal international ideology after 1989 and conservative reactions to it in Europe, Russia and the US. I am particularly interested in a) the limits to studying ‘identity’ as a conceptual and political category, and the political discontent emanating from the discrepancy between identity and action in self-defined liberal states, b) the limits to discursive change and rhetorical redescription, and Marxist/materialist philosophies of language. I’m affiliated with the research project ‘World of the Right’ at DIIS, and lead a related three-year research project at NUPI for the Norwegian Ministry of Defence on national and far right anti-liberal international politics in Europe, Russia and the US.

Please follow the links above to see academic publications, my monthly column on international affairs [in Norwegian and Danish], work in progress and more.

E-mail: mh@nupi.no